Computer Science Computer Accounts

Computer Science students have access to specialized computer equipment and networks that are not available to other UVic students. In order to use the computers and facilities in the Computer Science Department, you must have a computer account with our systems, a UVic account (i.e. Netlink) will not provide students access to specialized Department equipment.

We do this since, as computer programmers, we require greater and different access than what is generally allowed by the main UVic computing centre.

Security Login Domains

The Computer Science Department maintains two security separate “domains” for computing resources:

  • CSc “Teaching” domain - csc.uvic.ca (refered to as your CSC account) is available to all students, staff, and faculty associated with the Computer Science Department, including undergraduate students taking any course in Computer Science.
  • CS “Research” domain - cs.uvic.ca (refered to as your CS account) is much more restricted, and is generally available only to faculty, graduate students (as approved by their supervisor) and certain staff members.

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CSc Teaching Accounts

CS Research Accounts

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