Activating your CSc Teaching Account

Access to Computer Science computers and networks is restricted to students with a CSc Teaching Computer Account.

You must obtain a CSC account in order to access the Computing Labs in ECS building, and a Netlink account for all Campus wide computing services, e.g., your personal UVic website and UVic Wireless network.

ECS computing labs are provisioned with greater and different access than what is generally allowed by the main UVic computing centre, and access is therefor limited to students taking Computer Science courses. a UVic account (i.e. Netlink) will not provide students access to specialized Department equipment.

  1. If you don't already have a University Wide Netlink Account,
    Please create one using the instructions external link:
  2. Next, activate your CSc Account using your Netlink credentials.
    By following the instructions at external link:

Your account will normally be activated in less than 5 minutes - you should receive a confirmation email at the contact email address you provided.

  • You should be able to immediately log into conneX after activating your account, however it may take up to two hours for all your course sites to be added to your account in conneX.

Research Accounts for Faculty, Staff & Grad Students

Please see the following account information if you are a new faculty, staff or grad student:

CSc Account Expiry

Computer Science Teaching Accounts remain valid only while you are registered in a Computer Science course.

Expiring Accounts are governed by the following procedures:

  1. A CSc Teaching account will automatically expire 6 months after you have completed your last Computer Science course.
  2. Individuals who drop their only Computer Science course will have their accounts expire immediately.
  3. You will be notified at your "preferred email address" 3-weeks prior to the date your account is scheduled for expiration. Upon receiving such a notice, students should download their data to ensure that they continue to have a copy of it available.
  4. At the end of the 6 month window, all data associated with an expired account is removed.
  5. Engineering students with Computer Science accounts expire 6 months after their last Computer Science course is completed.

Appropriate Use of Computers & Accounts

Use of Department computers, servers, and networks is strictly governed by Department and University computer usage policies. Please read these policies to ensure you comply with these policies. Failure to comply with University policies can result in disciplinary action:

  1. external link: CSc Departmental Policy "Appropriate Use of CSc Computer Accounts and Labs"
  2. external link: University of Victoria's "Policy IM7200: "Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources"