ECS Building Access for Undergrads

The Engineering Computer Science (ECS) building is accessible during official building hours only - Electronic Key Passes do not provide access privileges outside of published building hours. Electronic card swipes are located at the main exterior entrances to the ECS building.

Campus Security is authorized to clear the building after published hours. Students are requested to comply with Campus Security personal directives.

Undergraduate Computer Labs

ECS Computing Labs are restricted to undergraduate students registered in a Computer Science course. In order to ensure that Computer Science students have access to specialized computer systems that they require to complete their courses, lab privileges are restricted to active Computer Science students only.

All access to ECS labs is restricted to individuals with the following privileges:

Students from other programs that require access to general purpose computers should consult with external link: UVic central helpdesk for locations and access periods for UVic general purpose labs.

General Access Computing Labs

Two dedicated drop-in labs are accessible to students through out the day (ECS 266, and 342). Five alternate computing labs (ECS 242, 250, 258, 354 and 348) on the 2nd and 3rd floors are scheduled daily for ongoing classes - students are permitted card key access to these labs when courses are not in session.

For more information, please consult the online ECS Floor Plans.

Restricted Access Labs

ECS 360, ECS 366 and ECS 249 are special purpose labs. These labs contains equipment unique to individual Computer Science courses - only students registered in these courses have card key access to these labs.

Research Computing Labs

For more information on access to Research Computing Labs, please consult Faculty, Staff and Grad Student Building Access

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