Computer Science IT Support Site

Welcome to the UVic Computer Science IT Support site. This site should hopefully provide faculty, students and staff with initial how-to help for accessing computer and network resources within the CSc Department computing environment.

General Support Topics

Support Topics  
Netlink Access, COSI Accounts,
Account Expiry,
conneX Accounts,
Email & Calendaring
Email Accounts
Preferred Email, RSS/Events/Calendars,
Mail Lists
Undergrad Student Printing,
Faculty, Staff & Grad Student Printing,
Wireless Printing,
ECS 502 printers for Faculty and Staff
Policies, Building Access,
Door Passes & Keys, Personal Laptops,
Backups, Anti-virus, VPN, more…
external link: UVic, Security , VPN,
Rogue Wireless
Disk Storage, Backups, Remote Access, Mobile Access, VPN, more…
Application Services
conneX, WebHome, Research Websites,
Course Web Sites, Wiki, Unix Login Servers,
Radar, Course Outlines, OASYS,
Meeting Rooms, Web Services, TeachPrefs, URL Directory, more…
Virtualization Services
C3 Cloud Storage, C3 Compute Cloud,
Development & Application Software
Microsoft Azure Tools for Dev, Open Source,
Version Control, Mathmatics, Databases,
Development, Office Productivity, SSH/SFTP,
and much more…
ECS Computing Facilities
UNIX Labs, Lab Software & Hardware, Graphics Labs,
Drop-in Labs, Mechatronix Labs, ARMS Labs,
Network Labs, Research Labs,
Network Drives, Video Conferencing

What's New?

Appropriate Use of Computers & Accounts

Use of Department computers, servers, and networks is strictly governed by Department and University computer usage policies. Please read these policies to ensure you comply with these policies. Failure to comply with University policies can result in disciplinary action: