How to get started?

You must obtain a CSC account in order to access the Computing Labs in ECS building, and a Netlink account for all Campus wide computing services, e.g., your personal UVic website and UVic Wireless network.

ECS computing labs are provisioned with greater and different access than what is generally allowed by the main UVic computing centre, and access is therefor limited to students taking Computer Science courses. a UVic account (i.e. Netlink) will not provide students access to specialized Department equipment.

  1. If you don't already have a UVic Netlink Account,
    please create one using the instructions external link:
  2. Next, activate your CSc Account using your Netlink credentials,
    by following the instructions at external link:
  3. You should be able to immediately log into conneX after activating your account.
    Please note, it may take up to two hours for all your course sites to be added to your account in conneX.
  4. For more detailed information about services available within the Department, please refer to
    * external link: - ECS Lab Consultant pages
    * external link: - Technical Support pages

CS Research Accounts

Computer Science Researchers (Professors, Graduate Students and Support Staff) have access to dedicated computer services that are reserved for their research activities. Access to these services requires a "Research" account. Obtaining a CS Research is available on request, but is restricted to faculty, staff and graduate students.

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