UVic Computer Science Microsoft Dreamspark Agreement

The MSDNAA program (Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance) has been replaced by "Dreamspark". Both are programs by Microsoft designed to allow academic labs, faculty and students to acquire Microsoft developer tools, platforms and servers for instructional and research purposes. Department faculty, staff and students in select courses can use a download a list of Microsoft products for a substantially reduced fee or at no cost.

The "Microsoft Office Suite" and "Microsoft Outlook" are not covered under the MS Imagine agreement.

Access to Microsoft Imagine is limited to faculty, staff, graduate students or undergraduate students involved in specific courses.

Microsoft Imagine / MSDNAA FAQ

external link: https://ows.csc.uvic.ca/msimagine/index.html

The use of software products obtained through the Dreamspark program is regulated by a license agreement between the Department of Computer Science and Microsoft, and can only be used for instructional or research purposes. Please note that violation of the license agreement could result in penalties against the Department.

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