Computer Science Passwords & Account Activation

When a new Computers Science Research or Teaching account is created, your user login name on Computer Science computers is generated to be the same as your existing username as on UVic Netlink account.

For new students, your starting Computer Science password is always synchronized to be identical to your UVic Netlink password.

If you are new to the Department, please click the following link on Activating your Computer Science Account

Changing your Computer Science Password

If you wish to, you can change your Computer Science account's password to be different than your UVic Netlink account. If you qualify for both a Computer Science Research and a Computer Science Teaching account, you can also choose to make your password different on each login domain. To change your password, please use the following link to online password change utility to specify a new password for your Computer Science Accounts.

Note: Please remember that if you choose to change your password to be different than your UVic Netlink password, then you cannot use the same password to login to both Computer Science and UVic computer systems.

Synchronizing your Password to UVic Netlink

At any time, the external link: Online Password Change utility can also be used to reset your Computer Science password to be identical to your current UVic Netlink password. This can be especially handy if you have forgotten your Computer Science password, but remember your Netlink password.