All printing to ECS printers requires an active CSc Teaching or CS Research account.

ECS Undergraduate Lab Printing

Students are encouraged to print from any of the pre-configured ECS Computer Lab PC's. Students must have available print funds and be authorized to print on that device (all printers located in ECS Computer Labs are unrestricted).

Printing within the department is authenticated and billed through the department print accounting systems. Students will need to ensure they have purchased sufficient credits through our external link: printing purchase system prior to attempting to print to a teaching network printer.

Print Billing and Accounts

Releasing your print job

Please note: There has recently been an increase in the amount of vandalism to lab network printers and theft of printing supplies, any individuals caught performing such activities will be brought forward to the Dean of the faculty for disciplinary action.

ECS Administration and Research Printing

Faculty, staff and researchers may access printers on the research network. Administration and Research printers are accessible from offices on the Engineering Network or from the UVic Wireless Network if they have configured their local print queue to use authentication.