ITSupport Security Support

Please Note: All Campus Wireless Networks are open shared network with direct access to the Internet. The Faculty of Engineering and the University maintain WAN firewalls which segregate our networks from the Internet, however you will be sharing the the network with thousands of computers. Please be aware that the some wireless networks on-campus are unencrypted.

Before connecting your computer you must ensure that your computer has been properly secured:

VPN Services (Virtual Private Networking)

The Engineering network is protected from the outside network access by its firewall which restricts the types of network access that is permitted from the outside. Some types of network services, like printing and network file services, are not accessible from external insecure networks (i.e. the Internet, and wireless).

These services can still be accessed externally, but users must authenticate with our VPN Services which creates a secure encrypted network connection for all traffic coming from your remote computer to our internal network. Please follow the instructions below to connect to CSc by VPN: