Before you Connect!

Secure your Laptop

The CS Research network is an open shared network with direct access to the Internet. The Faculty of Engineering and University maintain WAN firewalls which segregate our networks from the Internet, however you will be sharing the CS Research network with thousands of computers.

Before installing your computer on the network, please ensure you have secured it - for more information see Security

Appropriate Use of Computers & Accounts

Use of Department computers, servers, and networks is strictly governed by Department and University computer usage policies. Please read these policies to ensure you comply with these policies. Failure to comply with University policies can result in disciplinary action:

UVic Wireless Services (external to Computer Science)

The department of Computer Science and the Faculty of Engineering no longer operate wireless network access services. The available wireless networks in the ECS building are provided by UVic Systems. Therefore, all wireless access authentication is done using your NetLink ID credentials, not your Computer Science credentials. These service include

  • UVicOpen - no security protocols used - suitable for simple browsing, do not use where passwords and other sensitive information will be transmitted
  • UVicDefault - secure, encrypted connection
  • EduRoam - secure, encrypted, open to guests from participating universities

The instructions how to configure and use these wireless networks can be found on the UVic HelpDesk site at the following URL: external link: http://www.uvic.ca/systems/internettelephone/wireless/

All issues regarding wireless access and related topics are best directed to external link: UVic Help Desk


Once logged in you will able to access the Internet and department hosted, public facing services only; file shares, printing, name resolution and other internally hosted services ( see: New User Orientation for a complete list) are available only through a VPN connection (see the next section).

Encrypted Wireless Connection with VPN

Some Department network services are not available when using wireless due to the insecure nature of the wireless network - printing and network file services are disabled without a VPN connection.

These services are available from the wireless network by connecting to Department's VPN service. The VPN will create a secure encrypted tunnel to restricted network servers. Please see the following information on how to connect to the VPN:

Wireless Access for Guests

We (the IT Support Team) currently have no mechanism to provision access to wireless services to guests and visitors. Please contact external link: UVic Help Desk regarding this topic.